Why anti-panic

The Czech Republic is undergoing an unprecedented stress test this year. The crisis is acting as a catalyst of change throughout society, and we therefore need to join forces to face it together. We convene leaders across various fields and disciplines to share positive and specific examples of managing the crisis and its impacts. Together, we will look back to the spring editions and assess the situation by reviewing what we have learned since, and more importantly,discuss the future developments and cooperation regarding new opportunities for society and the economy.

What were the new opportunities we have already seized already during the crisis and which ones are presenting themselves to us now? What partnerships are important to us? And how can we help the economy now?

We will look for the answers to these and other questions for the fourth time within the Anti-Panic Platform.

11 speakers, 11 mindsets,
11 skillsets

We have decided to create the most diverse line-up ever, not in terms of gender or race. In terms of mindsets, skills and backgrounds. We want to have a senior leader from every area of business. Collaborating, colliding, advising, coming up with practical advice from every angle there is.


Tania le Moigne

Director of Google CZ, HU, RO, SK


Tomáš Salomon

CEO of Česká spořitelna


Danuše Nerudová

Rector of Mendel University in Brno


Tomáš Šebek

Doctor & co-founder


Václav Marhoul

Producer and Director


Sara Polak

Project Leader of


Vítězslav Lukáš

Country Director of ABB



Radek Špicar

Vicepresident of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic



Petr Šmíd

Head of Consumer Marketing of Google CEE



Pavel Hadrbolec

CFO T-Mobile CZ & Slovak Telekom

Lector Master Class

Milan Šemelák

Co-founder Unicorn Attacks

Z praxe

Yemi AD

CEO & Creative Producer JAD Productions

Essential 100
Guest list
Only guests who have agreed in accordance with GDPR rules are published

Second chamber of the live stream called Essential 100 is an exceptional element of this platform. Leaders nominated for their high social and economical impact in Czech Republic will set a course of the debate through interactive questions, polling and chat.
Interacting with
speakers in live
stream session
the debate
in real time
Live polling
on future
Interacting with speakers in live stream session
Navigating the debate in real time
Live polling on future development

Everyone gets voice

Live voting on the most serious issues was one of the most popular features of our first conference and it has also made a prime time TV news! In the next conference we want to open this even further and give voice to everyone in the audience, beyond our Speakers and the Essential 100 group.

Why? Because we want people in the ‘business front lines’ have their say as well.

1.0 Výsledky hlasování z 2. 4. 2020

Myslíte si, že šok, který zažívá tradiční český průmysl jeho vývoj ve většině …
či zastaví
Pokud by ste mohli zvolit jen 1 možnost cestu podpory ze strany státu, která by pro vás byla nejpřijatelnější?
Podpora zaměstnanosti a udržení pracovních míst
Odklady daní a poplatků státu
Dotace ušlých zisků
Jak dlouho podle vás mohou vydržet střední a malé podniky v současném omezení?
Do konce května
Do konce

2.0 Výsledky hlasování ze 7. 5. 2020

Jako prioritu do doby, než se situace uklidní, by lídři měli mít
Udržení klíčových lidí na svých pozicích
Digitalizaci firmy
Držet náklady na minimu
Ztížené rozhodování mají lidé i podnikatelé podle hlasujících zejména proto, že
Média využívají data o koronaviru nesprávně a produkují o nich reality show
Političtí lídři interpretují data o koronaviru se záměrem vyvolat strach
Správná data o koronaviru neexistují

Dostupnými informacemi neřídí
Největší hrozbu vidí tato skupina v
Omezení svobody
Politickém populismu
V omezení podnikání
Samotném šírení viru

Conference blocks

We want this conference to be as practical and focused as possible. We don’t want big shots ceo’s predicting future or generic business statements like: ‘you need to inspire your employees more’. We want concrete problems and concrete solutions.

That’s why this event is not just a business conference, it`s produced with a script and navigates (and entertains) viewers from specific topics to real life examples and actionable advice for the upcoming weeks.

Panic Alert

Each speaker breaks down what is currently the most pressing issue and why.
+Essential 100

Hero of the day

Each speaker presents company, product, government, institution coming up with solutions and ideas. Visual support

Anti-Panic Class

We invite practitioners from all areas of business to educate our audience and provide it with actionable tools and frameworks that can impact their business

Anti-Panic Forecast

Speaker, Essential 100 discuss what can we expect in very near future and what to focus on.

Aspen institute

The Aspen Institute Central Europe is the regional partner of the global Aspen network. It serves as an independent platform where political and business leaders, as well as leading artists, athletes and scientists can meet and interact. The aim of the Institute is to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and support young Central European leaders from various sectors in their personal and professional development.

Aspen Institute, its leaders and working groups will have active role in shaping of our conference’s content and impact.

Who will help
and how?

Business leaders

Tomáš Salomon

Chairman of the
Board & CEO
Česká spořitelna
How to lead and motivate people in times of crisis and uncertainty?

Tania Le Moigne

Director at Google
Czechia, Hungary,
Romania & Slovakia
How to re-focus your team's energy?

Tomáš Havryluk

Vice Chairman of the Board at
How to manage operations during a long-term crisis?

Tanja Vainio

Managing director
ABB Robotics Tier 1
How to guide an international team through unexplored territory?

Strategic minds

Vít Šubert

CEO & Co-founder
Unicorn Attacks
How to shift your approach to business development when your market and strategy change overnight?

Tomáš Šebek

surgeon & digital
health evangelist
How to leverage distance in health care as an advantage and increase your chances of success and survival?

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner
Deloitte Central Europe
How to shift your perspective and speed up crucial changes within your organization?

Radek Špicar

Vice President at Confederation of Industry
How to use creative solutions in traditional industry?

Creative thinkers

Milan Šemelák

Author of CreateValue & Co-founder Unicorn Attacks
How to remain relevant to your customers?

Yemi AD

CEO & Creative Producer
JAD Productions
How to fight panic with creativity?

Petr Rokůsek

Founder & Chariman of
the Board of Directiors Nano Energies
How to keep your long-term vision alive in times when a short-term strategy is crucial?

How will this work?

Everything will be streamed online on Zoom. You can register and become a part of the conversation via polling, chats and other Zoom features.
3 minutes per speaker
Practical Examples
Live Questions


Milan Vašina

Executive Director of the
Aspen Institute Central Europe
Milan is the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Central Europe and a Senior Advisor for Rockaway Capital. He is an experienced corporate leader, spending most of his professional career in telecommunications serving among others as the CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom.

Ivan Hodač

Founder and President of the
Aspen Institute Central Europe
Ivan is the Founder and President of the Aspen Institute Central Europe. He spent more than a decade as a Secretary-general of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and also served as a Senior Vice-President and Head of the Time Warner Corporate office for Europe. The Financial Times listed him among the most influential personalities in Brussels politics.

Yemi AD

CEO & Creative Producer
JAD Productions
A multi-disciplinary creative, founder of one of the most successful European live marketing agencies JAD Productions and producer of internationally acclaimed campaigns and events for Mercedes Benz, adidas Originals, or Google. Yemi lives between Prague and Los Angeles, where he worked several years with music producer Kanye West and crafted shows for Saturday Night Live, or VMAs.

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